CNE has been helping all types of users since 1985.  

Our team becomes your team!

Businesses from law firms to financial institutions, accounting agencies, insurance companies, restaurants, doctors offices, manufacturing facilities, even the local radio system. And let’s not forget the student and home user.

Computer Network Experts has a well established reputation built on the core philosophy that your problem is our problem to solve. 
We’re a local company, not some out of state or outsourced toll free answering service. Whether it is a remote or on-site, hardware or software issue, you can trust our solution will make sense for your home or business. Customers know if CNE is on board they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we have experienced technicians onboard who work as a dedicated team on their behalf. From a single user to a company with 100’s of employees. Check out our testimonials below. 

Any time help is needed!

From a simple computer repair to a complicated networking issue, or when you are at your wits end with technology.
Our technicians are carefully matched to fit all your needs.
No more worries, with just a call or an email you can have our team start working for you today.

Data Backup

We offer a robust data backup service, which includes cloud and local storage capable of category, full image backups and bare metal restore.