Network Security

Network Security - North Central Florida
“Network Security in today’s internet environment is a paramount concern.”

Virus, worm and Trojan horse attacks can wreak havoc on a network infrastructure and cost a tremendous amount of money to repair. The proliferation of network communication technologies has not been ignored by hackers and other malicious persons who are constantly seeking new ways to gain access to your valuable information. CNE can give you peace of mind by evaluating your network for security weaknesses and recommending the proper steps to protect it. Firewall installation and configuration, Antivirus solutions and protocol configuration will ensure that unauthorized persons will not be able to damage your network.

At CNE, our highest priority is the safety and security of our clients. We want to prevent security breaches before something happens instead of having to deal with an aftermath. For example, business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) networks, using VPN technology, require proper planning and implementation to ensure a secure environment.

If you suspect your network is not as secure as you would like, or if you need advice about security issues, we will be there for you. With CNE, you can have confidence that your network will be protected from unauthorized access.